Securing long-term capital requires intelligent targeting, preparation, effective communication, management implementation and providing a credible ESG roadmap

Our services include

  • Public and Private equity market transactions
  • Tailored investor engagement programmes
  • Environmental, Social and Governance ("ESG") advisory services
  • Support in the preparation of presentations and other related materials

We help the senior management teams of companies listed in emerging and frontier markets to engage with decision-makers at the world's most relevant emerging markets funds

Market advisory services

Our deep understanding of institutional investors and the multi-decade experience of our senior staff, allows us to provide differentiated market solutions for the owners and senior management of companies. In the last 12 months, Nau Securities has been appointed as a Senior Advisor, Co-Bookrunner and Co-Lead Manager for three high profile market transactions

Private companies

We support private companies through the provision of bespoke sector research and company-sponsored marketing materials, as well as guidance through the various stages on the path to public listing, where relevant

Investor engagement

Companies often tell us of their frustrations with traditional, bank-sponsored investor access events: poor investor targeting and little follow-up, or feedback. The return on investment for such events can be questionable. We understand that developing long-term relationships with potentially meaningful shareholders takes time and commitment, and that company resources must be used to best effect. Our long-standing relationships and knowledge of institutional investors provides us with the ability to design bespoke investor access programmes that maximise the impact of senior management interaction with existing and potential shareholders

ESG consultancy services

Institutional investors’ requirements for environmental, social and governance (ESG) disclosures continue to evolve. Our ESG consultancy service helps investor relations teams to decipher competing disclosure standards, focusing on the most relevant and financially material issues for their firms. We also help companies to understand the concerns of specific potential shareholders, and how best to address ongoing developments in ESG investment and reporting 

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